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George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity — Oxted, Surrey, UK.


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Do This One Thing To Live To Over 100 Years Old

June 8, 2017 0

You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to fitness and body composition, the biggest predictor for lifespan, is not how fit your heart is from hours of cardio—it’s how much muscle you have. Unfortunately, […]


Calf Exercises for Women

March 4, 2016 8

Calf exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment, to either tone up, or to increase the size of skinny legs. Calf Exercises for Women I received a question on how to fix skinny calves […]

Skin The Cat | Calisthenics Exercise

April 14, 2016 6

How to do the Skin the Cat exercise, muscles worked, and a video tutorial. Skin the Cat (also known as German Hang), is a fundamental exercise, usually performed on the rings in Gymnastics, but can also be done on a […]

How to Get Fit At 45 — Meet George

July 22, 2016 3

This week I turned 45 years old — so I thought I’d dust off my old photo albums, and take you through a journey of my fitness highs and lows over the years, to achieve […]


Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra | Review

December 20, 2016 0

If you’re looking for a comfortable maternity sports bra, then look no further than the Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra. I was gifted a beautiful looking maternity sports bra to review. The only problem […]

Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips | Review

December 2, 2016 0

The Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand GripsHand provide hand protection for CrossFit, Calisthenics and Street Workout bar work in the gym. You can use them for Pull ups, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar, Kettlebell Swings, […]

Starfish Sit Up for Sexy Abs

November 9, 2016 0

At the moment you can’t seem to scroll through Instagram, without seeing image after image of sexy abs. The Starfish Sit-Up is one of the exercises I use with my training clients. It’s a great exercise working […]