Avoid Holiday Weight Gain | My Top 6 Tips

December 23, 2016 0

You can avoid holiday weight gain this year. Here are my personal 6 tips to keep lean over the holidays. Huge Potential For Weight Gain Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Chinese New Year, […]

Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra | Review

December 20, 2016 0

If you’re looking for a comfortable maternity sports bra, then look no further than the Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra. I was gifted a beautiful looking maternity sports bra to review. The only problem […]

How To Get A Six Pack With Dragon Flags

December 16, 2016 0

Six packs were few and far between in the 70s…until Bruce Lee wowed audiences around the world with his shredded six pack, in the movie Enter the Dragon. One of the ab exercises supposedly created by […]

Hangover | How To Avoid One This Holiday

December 9, 2016 0

Top 10 tips on how to avoid a hangover from alcohol during the holidays. This is the season for office parties and social events, with the expectation to drink alcohol a few times a week. Here are the […]

Christmas 2016 | Health & Fitness Gift Guide

December 2, 2016 0

Looking for some Christmas gift inspiration to keep your loved ones healthy and fit in the new year? Then look no further. There’s great “must have” gift for everyone this Christmas holiday, and they don’t have […]

TriggerPoint MB5 Massage Ball | Review

December 2, 2016 0

About the size of a large grapefruit, the MB5 Massage Ball provides relief to those areas difficult to target with a foam roller, such as tight shoulders, hips and the inner thighs. It’s specifically designed to address […]

Fabletics Yukon Dress | Review

December 2, 2016 0

A comfortable, sporty looking dress with draped hood and two handy front pockets. £84.95 (£23.63 introductory price), Fabletics Available in Ink, Black/Winter White, Black Our Experience With The Fabletics Yukon Dress My wife has enjoyed wearing […]

TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller | Review

December 2, 2016 0

The Nano Foot Roller has been specifically designed to increase flexibility and give some relief to aching feet, and forearms. £19.95, Amazon Our Experience With The TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller It’s small and lightweight, so easy to travel […]

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