Casio GD350-1B Watch | Review

Casio GD350-1B Men's Watch

Which Rugged Watch To Buy For A Personal Trainer?

It’s quite a dilemma, as there are so many digital watches to choose from. 
Most of the time, I just need to time 30-60 seconds to time an interval. It’s a lot easier to set on a watch, particularly if I’m outside, or sprinting, when it’s difficult to use a phone app or a clip on timer, as I’m likely to throw it 🙂

I wanted a watch that was:

  • Very rugged (as I often accidentally bash my watch on weights or kettlebells).
  • Can set a timer for 30 seconds (surprisingly there aren’t many that can do this).
  • Has a vibrating option (in case the environment/music is loud).

There were even fewer watches with a vibrating alert, so that left only a couple that met my criteria.

I finally chose the Casio GD350-1B. This G-SHOCK is huge and feels indestructible. It appears to be aimed at those in the armed forces, with stealthy negative display, and the option of vibration alarms. You can also set it to beep and flash instead of vibrate.

There’s also a bar on the screen which moves along every second…handy when you’re calling out the number of seconds at a glance.

I’ve owned a number of  G-SHOCK watches over the years, and this one is by far my favourite!

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George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Personal Trainer and Calisthenics Instructor at Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, UK. Fit over 45. Dad with 2 energetic kids 😄 Passionate about helping people to keep strong, slim and healthy.

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