Lindt Easter Egg Hunt | My Day at Hever Castle in Kent

25 March – 10 April 2016: Hever Castle - Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt & Easter Family Fun

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Lindt Easter Egg Hunt
 — My Day at Hever Castle in Kent, England

This blog post included a collaboration with Hever Castle for their 2016 Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt & Easter Family Fun event. Please see the end of this post for full disclosure. All views and opinions are my own.

Lindt bunnies in front of Hever Castle - Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #easteregghunt #easteregg #FindGoldBunny #lindtbunny #chocolate #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #toddlerlife #momslife #kids #followme #instalike #spring #fun #smile #food #cute

25 March – 10 April 2016:
Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt & Easter Family Fun

My children and I were delighted to be invited to Hever Castle & Gardens, to seek out the elusive Lindt chocolate Gold Bunny.

When I told one of my kids, she didn’t want to accept straight away…until she requalified with “So, when I find the bunny, I can eat it, right?” I reassured her that was the case, and she was eager to get in the car. 🙂

Hever Castle has over 700 years of history, and is famous for being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England.

The Castle is situated in the Kent countryside, conveniently close to both the Surrey and Sussex borders—there are good train links, and it’s only 30 minutes from London Gatwick Airport, so even visitors from overseas could drop in and visit.

With my children suitably attired in a jousting outfit, and a princess dress from the Hever Castle Shop, we collected our free Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt map from the Information Centre, and started on our quest for chocolate. 🙂

The map had 6 questions to answer, which took you on a charming trail to see the highlights of the extensive gardens.

Gate in Italian Garden- Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #easteregghunt #easteregg #FindGoldBunny #lindtbunny #chocolate #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #toddlerlife #momslife #kids #followme #instalike #spring #fun #smile #food #cute
A gate in the Italian Garden

The Italian Garden, with its perfectly clipped shrubs and stone sculptures, is quite stunning—you’ll need to keep your wits about you as you stroll alongside the Pompeiian Wall, counting the Lindt chocolate bunnies (it’s one of the questions on the map). I missed a few the first time.

Fountain - Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #easteregghunt #easteregg #FindGoldBunny #lindtbunny #chocolate #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #toddlerlife #momslife #kids #followme #instalike #spring #fun #smile #food #cute

At the end of the Italian Garden, you walk between two columns, and descend the balustrade steps to discover a fountain in front of a lake. It’s worthwhile to take a rest here, to enjoy the view.

Hever Castle

Taking a break from the bunny hunt, we went inside the Castle itself.  

Just as you’d expect, it’s full of dark wood panelled rooms and sumptuous antiques, tapestries and rugs. My children aren’t quite old enough to appreciate historical houses just yet, so they sped around the rooms a little faster than most people.

They did however, like the look of King Henry VII’s grand four poster bed, as they said the mattress looked “fluffy” and they thought it might be comfortable to sleep on. If the area hadn’t been roped off, I’m sure they would have tried to climb on 🙂

The “really old” room that they loved the most was the Astor Suite. When I asked my kids what was their favourite thing in the castle, it was the old TV (which was actually working), and a rotary dial phone, which had an audio message when you dialled the number one! They’d never seen anything like it before, so to them it was ancient!

I have to admit, it made me feel a little old too, as I remember using a rotary phone as a child.

Doing an L-Sit in the playground. Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #abs #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #fitdad, #FitdadsofIg #thefitandactiveparents #fitdaddy #fitmum #fitmums #fitmummy #fitmoms #followme #instalike #selfie #spring #fun #calisthenics #streetworkout #Bodyweight #outdoorfitness
I like to hold the L-sit for 1 minute, to really feel those abs burning!

How to burn off those Chocolate calories

With 125 acres of attractive gardens to wander around, there’s no shortage of exercise!

There are also a number of walking trails you can follow, such as the Lake Walk Nature Trail, Roman Trail, Maths trails and Geography trail—directions and a kids quiz for the trails are free to download from the Hever Castle website. That will keep them busy for a while!

We ended our trail of the Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt at the Adventure Playground. It was numbered earlier on the Lindt trail, but I purposely left it until the end, as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get them to continue the trail, if we went there first 🙂

My little ones were quite tired by the time they reached the playground, but they soon shrieked with excitement and ran off to play.

There’s plenty to keep them busy—a wooden Tower Maze, large saucer swing, regular swings, slides, rocking horses on springs, and various structures to climb.  Their favourite was the zip wire, which they went on more times than I could count.

A few handstand push-ups in the playground. Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #abs #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #fitdad, #FitdadsofIg #thefitandactiveparents #fitdaddy #fitmum #fitmums #fitmummy #fitmoms #followme #instalike #selfie #spring #fun #calisthenics #streetworkout #Bodyweight #outdoorfitness
A few handstand push-ups whilst we wait for the kids to tire themselves out 🙂

We sat and watched them running around for a while, then I did some squats, L-sits and handstand push-ups to burn off lunch, whilst we waited for the kids to exhaust themselves.

Feather Quill in Hever Castle Shop - Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #calligraghy #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #followme #instalike
Feather Quill for sale in the Hever Castle Shop

Hever Shop

With our kids energy dipping, before we left for home, we “quickly” popped into the Shop.  The kids loved it! We spent an hour in there in the end, whilst they picked up and played with everything.  

The shop is split into two, with one half more adult focused—full of the usual items you expect to see in a gift shop, such as cards, scented candles, local produce, china, pillows and so on. 

Initial Seal Stamp in Hever Castle Shop - Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #calligraghy #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #followme #instalike
Initial Seal Stamp for Sale in Hever Castle Shop

The other half of the store is more kid focused, with a plethora of branded toys and items that children love to play with.  

They had a great range of quality knight, jousting and princess outfits. If I was sending my children to a fancy dress party, I’d consider paying admission just to try on and buy one of the outfits.  Both of the outfits my children were wearing, were from the Hever Shop.

They also had an impressive collection of Papo figurines for sale—both Knights & Castles, and Enchanted.

When we left the shop, we saw a sign for Miniature Model Houses pointing back into the shop. The kids were frazzled, but they wanted to have a look, so we went back inside—I’m not sure how we missed the sign the first time.

There was a fascinating collection of scale models, showing life in the castle and various country houses. Our kids particularly liked all the twinkling lights. Young children don’t have particularly long attention spans, so although the Hever Castle website recommends you allow half an hour, ours probably whisked around the museum in ten minutes.

What did we think of our day?

There’s just soooo much to do at Hever Castle & Gardens, that we couldn’t possibly hope to fit it all into a single day.

They have a number of special activities planned throughout the year, so if you think you might visit three times in the year, then you’ll be better off buying an annual membership. I have a number of friends that have membership just for the Gardens, and are enthusiastic about the seasonal events.

During the Easter Family Fun activities (25 March – 10 April 2016), you can also decorate your own Easter bonnet at the craft workshops (£1 charge)—and then if you’re feeling brave, you can wear your bonnet with pride in one of the daily parade competitions.  

How to get to Hever Castle

By Car

  • 3 miles south of Edenbridge in Kent, United Kingdom
  • Just off the B2026 between Sevenoaks and East Grinstead in the small village of Hever
  • There are brown road signs directing you, as you get closer to Hever Castle
  • Sat Nav postcode: TN8 7NG (although my Sat Nav took me to the wrong road, so I’d recommend you follow the brown road signs, once you see them).

By Train

  • Take a taxi from Edenbridge Town Station. The castle is only 3 miles away.

For more information, please Click here to visit the Hever Castle website. 

Wishing all the kiddies a great Easter! 

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Lindt bunnies near the moat - Easter Egg Hunt—My Day at #HeverCastle in #Kent — #easteregghunt #easteregg #FindGoldBunny #lindtbunny #chocolate #fitnessblogger #mblogger #dblogger #pblogger #toddlerlife #momslife #kids #followme #instalike #spring #fun #smile #food #cute

This blog post included a collaboration with Hever Castle for their 2016 Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt & Easter Family Fun event. All views and opinions are my own. Please refer to my DISCLOSURE page on the ABOUT tab. I was not paid to write this post.

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