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Glasslock, Food, Storage, Tubs, Container, Glass, BPA Free

I’ve felt uneasy using plastic tupperware for sometime, and only recently discovered Glasslock by accident. These are BPA free glass storage tubs, for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. The bottom container is oven safe, but the lid shouldn’t be placed in the oven, as it has plastic snap close fastenings.

£36.99 for an 18 piece set, Amazon 

My Experience With The
Glasslock Premium Food Storage Set

Glasslock, Food, Storage, Tubs, Container, Glass, BPA Free, Tupperware, Glass

The tubs are made of heavy glass and have a premium feel. They stack nicely in the fridge and are completely sealed. To test it, I half filled one with water and shook it upside down…there were no leaks. I’ve been using the Glasslock food tubs for a couple of months now, and I’m glad I made the switch from plastic tubs.

What is BPA

BPA stands for bisphenol A. It’s a xenoestrogen. These mimic the actions of oestrogen (estrogen) in the body, but are difficult for the body to eliminate. It is concerning, as high levels may be linked to obesity, infertility and cancer.

How To Avoid BPA

It can be found in many polycarbonate plastics, such as containers and bottles for food and drink, including infant bottles—so use glass or stainless steel containers where practical.

BPA can also be found in epoxy resins, used to coat the inside of food cans and bottle tops—try to limit your consumption of canned food, and opt for fresh when possible.

The risk of BPA leaking into the food is much higher when heated. For that reason, I’ve always been cautious of those frozen ready meals, which come in plastic containers to reheat in the oven.

So in short, keeping lean isn’t just about eating the right foods, but also limiting your exposure from food/drinks containers and cans, particularly when heated.

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