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It’s 7.30pm — my kids are in bed, and Mrs Fitness and I have just finished eating our locally sourced, mostly organic dinner.

Glutes GirlsWhoLift FitGirls Inspiration Beautiful sexy fit diva beauty bikini model physique victoriasecret girlswithmuscle tightbod wbffpro wbffuk fitmom fitmum bootybuild booty bootyworkout buttworkoutworkout exercise fitfam FitLife Fitness FitnessAddict GymLife GymTime

We make a point to always eat at the dining table, not in front of the television, to ensure we eat mindfully, to avoid overeating. If you’ve ever bought a giant bucket of popcorn at the movies and been surprised to find it empty by the end of the film, then you’ve experienced “mindless eating”. Your brain doesn’t get the signal that you’re full, so you keep on munching.

We both work from home, and are aware of what each other’s been doing over the day — so during dinner, we mostly chat about things we’re planning to do.

Afterwards we move to our long L-shaped leather sofa to relax, and cover ourselves with a woolly blanket on these chilly evenings. She picks up a book, and carries on reading where she left off.

I open my iPad, put on my headphones, and select a video from YouTube. Mrs Fitness glances over to see me watching a pro bikini model performing Romanian Deadlifts…the video promises “the best booty workout”…unfazed, she returns to her book.

Quite often I’ll get down on the floor and try out an exercise I’ve just watched, to see how my glutes feel after doing it. It would look crazy to other people, but Mrs Fitness is used to it 🙂

After training clients all day, most people are surprised to find out that my guilty pleasure is to read books, articles and research papers on health and fitness. It’s not something I feel I must do — I absolutely love doing it. I usually read a book or two a week.

On Training Glutes

If I could pick only one body part that all women should train, it’s their glutes.

Many women look at their behind in the mirror and feel it’s droopy or flabby — don’t worry if you’re one of them…you’re not alone. I find what most women really want, is a firm, round, perky butt.

You can’t shape your booty with dieting, or endless hours of cardio. The only way is to use relatively heavy weights and lift, lift, lift!

My Top Sources Of Booty Inspiration

I’ve put together a short list of my personal favourites, for glute training inspiration and techniques.

Bret Contreras

Photo kindly provided by Bret Contreras

Bret is also known as “The Glute Guy,” and is considered by many to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training.

What I like about Bret is not only that he puts a huge amount of focus on glute development, but also his attention to detail on exercise techniques, and a scientific approach to glute activation and growth.

With a PhD in Sports Science, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s published a great number of articles, many of which include electromyography (EMG) data, on which glute exercises provide the best muscle activation…and even how to focus more on upper or lower glutes.

Bret invented the popular Hip Thrust exercise in 2006, after one crazy night in his garage gym, where he experimented by putting his feet on a reverse hyper machine, and is back on a glute ham developer.

“At around the twelfth rep, my left glute felt like it was gonna cramp…You know I’d been doing squats, and deadlifts, and lunges; but I’d never felt that cramping sensation. So I thought…I need to popularise this exercise.” — Bret

He has since produced his own brand of bench, the Hip Thruster, perfected for it.

He co-authored the book Strong Curves — a woman’s guide to building a better butt and body. It’s a book I love and frequently dip into.

Bret has also has an e-book Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening.

My favourite places to keep up-to-date with bret are his website, which has a great library of articles; also Bret Contreras YouTube, where there are some great exercise technique demonstrations.

Molly Galbraith

Photo kindly provided by Molly Galbraith

Molly is a certified strength and conditioning coach and co-founder and owner of Girls Gone Strong.

I love the way she is educating the world, one woman at a time, to encourage them to become strong, to shape their body. She empowers women. You can find a video of her on YouTube hip thrusting over 300 lbs! Unsurprisingly, she has great glute development — at one point she even had a Twitter account dedicated to her booty.

Molly also has her flaws, and she’s not afraid to talk about them, or post photos of them — something I really admire about her.

“I have cellulite on my legs, stretch marks on my hips, butt, and breasts, and some jiggle on my belly — and the world constantly wants me to believe this is not OK.

But I won’t subscribe to someone else’s standards and ideals for MY body.
So, instead of embracing what someone else determined to be a flaw of mine, I choose to embrace my whole, flawless body.” — Molly

I like to follow Molly on and also on Instagram @themollygalbraith, which seems to have the most frequently updated content. She also does some slightly bonkers stuff in her real life, so she recently started posting about these events on Instagram Stories, which is very entertaining. 🙂

Anna Churakova

If you haven’t read the Anna Churakova interview on glute training then please do. 

Anna is a WBFF PRO Bikini Model, so she has serious attitude to exercise, diet and her body composition. She has fantastic glutes, and often posts videos of her workouts — you can see the mind muscle connection, as she focuses on feeling her glutes, rather than going through the motions with each exercise. Occasionally she throws in an exercise I haven’t done before, and I think “oooh, I must try that.”

“The simple rule to improve your butt is to use resistance training. Lift weights! Concentrate on the targeted muscle (i.e. glutes), to prevent other muscles such as quads and lower back from taking over. MIND TO MUSCLE!” — Anna

She also posts her meals, which she prepares each day into little tubs — there’s less room to fail on your diet when you’ve planned every element.

There are also some beautiful inspirational photos, and selfies as she gets ready for competition.

I find the best way to follow her is on Instagram @anna_churakova_wbff_pro

If you’re interested in shaping your glutes, then please do check out these people. 

George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom

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