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Hi there. I’m George D. Choy, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger living in Oxted, Surrey, England.

In my teens and at University I exercised up to ten hours a week and looked really fit. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was chronically overtraining. I’d love to tell you that I’ve stayed in great shape ever since, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. People often asked if they could train with me, and I enjoyed teaching them as we worked out—but I wasn’t a Personal Trainer and hadn’t even considered it as a career option at the time.

Once I joined real world and got a job, I found it harder and harder to exercise and eat healthily. My weight slowly crept up. During one vacation I gained fourteen pounds, due to a few too many all-you-can-eat buffets! I convinced myself I was “bulking”…surely some of that extra weight was muscle?? Unfortunately not!

As I reached my forties and became a sleep-deprived Father, I discovered that between work, nappies and feeds, I could barely leave the house, let alone go to the gym. I found it harder to recover from the workouts, and it was easier to get injured if I wasn’t careful.

I finally thought enough was enough! I read obsessively about weight loss, exercise and fitness every night. I changed my diet, bought some exercise equipment, and started working out more efficiently at home—this time only two to three hours a week of scheduled exercise, and whatever incidental physical activity occurred in-between. This allowed me to spend more time enjoying life with my children.

I eventually bought more equipment and converted my garden outbuilding into a studio gym, and installed an outdoor training rig, which my kids love. Toddlers love to copy, and when they saw me doing kettle bell swings in the gym, they picked up my shoe and started matching my rhythm (I actually had to put the kettle bell down because I was laughing so much ☺ It’s my hope that my kids will be as enthusiastic as me about fitness, when they become adults.

Now in my mid forties with two children under six, I’m in better shape than when I exercised ten hours a week in my twenties. I gained muscle whilst losing body fat (something I was told couldn’t be done), whittling myself down to a lean 10% body fat. I wanted to share my success with others—so to further my fitness hobby, I became a qualified personal trainer. I got such a buzz from learning and instructing, that I took more and more certifications such as kettlebells, suspension training (gymnastics rings), outdoor fitness, children’s fitness, and many others.

I Became a Fitness Blogger

I’ve met and trained so many people since then, and the number-one reason I’m given for being out of shape, seems to be kids. People either can’t leave the house because they have a toddler at home, or they work all day in the city and only have time to exercise at the weekend, if at all (sound familiar to you)?

I started this fitness blog to help those people and my personal training clients. I want to share my passion and enthusiasm for fitness with you in my blogs. I aim to teach you how to achieve the best results in the minimum amount of time—both around your children, and also exercising with them, so they are healthy and fit for the future.

I hope you enjoy the blogs, and please comment if you have any questions, or would like to share some great results.





George D. Choy