• As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger, I often receive free gifts, which could then appear within one of my blogs, or on my social media pages.
  • I don’t guarantee to review, mention or include photos on my sites of any gifts that I may receive.
  • As all views are my own—so if I don’t like a product or service, I generally don’t cover it on my site, as I prefer my site to my blog to be full of positivity and motivation.
  • When the main reason for a post is due to a sponsorship, it will be clearly mentioned.
  • Affiliate link disclosure: I may sometimes use affiliate links on this blog, such as amazon.co.uk. This means that if you click on an affiliate link to buy something, I may receive some commission for any referred sales. I only include items with links where I think it will add value to readers. Any small amount of commission I earn, helps me to support this site and keep it going.
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