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I asked mother’s what they really wanted to receive on Mother’s Day — this is what they told me…

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A Day of Relaxation for Mum, vs. a Physical Gift

When it comes to Mother’s Day, normally us Dad’s head straight for the flowers and chocolate—job done! Hey, you can even do it over the internet in five minutes.

However, when I asked Mum’s what they really wanted for Mother’s Day, the results were almost unanimous—they  preferred to take a day off to pamper themselves, rather than receive a physical gift.

I guess it’s not surprising really. Women can feel eroded by the constant demands of their children, always puting them first, leaving little time for themselves.

So the first step in creating the perfect Mother’s Day, is to ‘man up’ and take care of the kids, so she can indulge, and de-stress—she’ll come back feeling like a new woman, so there’s something in it for you too. No pain, no gain. 🙂

Although, if she’s happy for you to join her for Mother’s Day, then there’s always the Grandparents…

“’I’m 46 so my kids are both grown up, but I’ve just discovered I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time! This is very exciting! Being a grandmother surely has to be even better! Playing on the swings in the park, walks in the woods and curled up on the sofa snuggling with my babies is THE BEST! I have lots of time to myself these days, so THIS would be a treat!”

To take the guesswork out of how she’d like to spend her special day, here are the top five responses:

1) Spa Day

A spa day was an obvious Mum’s favourite. A great opportunity to de-stress, and have a massage or other treatment. When I asked my wife how she’d react on Mother’s Day, if I didn’t buy her flowers, but got her a spa day including a massage instead, she grinned “Where are my car keys? Look after the kids. See ya!”

“I would take myself off to a spa for lots of pampering; massage, facial and pedi/manicure, followed by a slap up lunch on my own. The afternoon would be spent relaxing by the pool with a good book and enjoying the peace and quiet!”

“I would book myself a spa day, a massage, afternoon tea and free time to sit and read with no interruptions. My idea of heaven!”

“If I had the WHOLE day to myself, ohhhh so much to chose from…. But I’d have to say in one word SLEEP….. and of course a spa treatment! Having twin toddlers going through the “terrible two” stage… I need all the relaxation I can get! 🙂

A spa day doesn’t come cheap, so you’ll be glad to know that there was also interest in one-off beauty treatments, such as massage, or manicure and pedicure.

2) Afternoon Tea

Little cakes, scones, pastries and dainty sandwiches, served with a pot of tea—what’s not to like? 🙂 There are plenty of lovely hotels serving afternoon tea in delightful surroundings.

“I’d go for a nice long run lol, my bath and afternoon tea.

3) A Meal at a Restaurant

Food again! Some wanted to eat alone; others wanted to eat with girlfriends. Choose somewhere special, or one of their favourite places.

“If my husband was looking after my daughter and I was free to treat myself I would arrange a pamper session, maybe a back massage followed by a facial.
Then go out for a Thai meal with my family. Hope they are taking notes!”

4) Shopping

You’d might think she enough shoes, handbags and clothes. But what I often hear from my wife is that rushing around shopping can be such a nightmare with kids, particularly when you want to try something on.

So perhaps buy her a gift card for her favourite store, or shopping mall, so she can take her time, without having to contend with feeds, nappies, or “I’m bored!”.

“Generally I am treated by being able to go shopping without time constraints

“A lovely lunch out with my best friends & a bit of shopping or a spa day / treatment”

5) Exercise

Busy-Parent-Fitness-Choy-Blog-Mothers-Day-Gift-Ideas-Exercise Dad-Lifting-Kid-Shoulder-Press
You don’t need to skip your workout whilst looking after the kids…just getting in some extra delt exercise 🙂

If she’s a fitness bunny, then perhaps buy her something she can use for the exercise she enjoys the most, such as a new top, gift card for her favourite sports shop, or a gadget such as a Fitbit

Other Options

“If I had a day off, I would really enjoy lunch out with a few friends and then a trip to the theatre.
—Cherylyn x

Not everything needs to cost a lot of money. Sometimes, the simple pleasures are enough to unwind.

“…having time to go on long photography walks.”

“Coffee + Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate + Game of Thrones Box Set = PURE HEAVEN!!!”

I hope these suggestions bring your “other half” joy this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to click the social media like buttons

I’d love to hear from you, so please drop me a comment in the box below, to share how you’d plan the perfect day of relaxation on Mother’s Day.

George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom



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