Pullups for Beginners

Pullups, Pull Ups, Back, Beginner, Lats, Muscle, V-Shape, V-Taper, Women, Exercise, Tutorial, How to

A pullups (pull-ups) tutorial to help beginners who can’t even manage one rep yet, to eventually achieve a pullup—men or women.

Can’t Do A Pullup yet?

Pullups, Pull Ups, Back, Beginner, Lats, Muscle, V-Shape, V-Taper, Women, Exercise, Tutorial, How to, Guide, Workout, Crossfit, Mens Fitness, Womens Fitness, Chin UpNeither can most people! I find that women think that all men can do a pullup, and they themselves are “weak” for not being able to do one. Whilst a large proportion of men can do a push up, the reality is that very few of those men can also do a pullup. Pullups are hard!! They can also leave you panting like you’ve just sprinted.

Most people use the lat pulldown machine in the gym to work their upper back—they congratulate themselves on the large amount of weight they are apparently lifting, but when they try do a pullup they soon realise it’s nothing like the lat pulldown machine.

Which Muscles Does A Pullup Work?

Pullups, Pull Ups, Chin up, Back, Beginner, Lats, Muscle, V-Shape, V-Taper, Women, Exercise, Tutorial, How toPullups mainly work the lats (latissimus dorsi). This is the large broad part of your back. Developing it can make your waist appear smaller, by creating a “V-shape”, instead of a torso that’s flat at the sides…so it’s a fantastic exercise for both men and women.

Pullups also work other muscles such as the middle back, biceps, and more surprisingly your abs.

How To Do Pullups

Pullups, Pull Ups, Back, Beginner, Lats, Muscle, V-Shape, V-Taper, Women, Exercise, Tutorial, How to
Atticus Joggers — Tar Black and Nova Tank — Cobalt Blue, from Gainz Fitness

To get started, you’ll of course need a pullup bar; also a selection of different strength resistance loop bands. The bands take some of the load, so you can move through the full range of motion when you exercise.

Always start your workout with a dynamic warm up routine.

Firstly tie a thick (strong resistance) band to the bar and put your knees through it. To reduce the chance of injury, it’s best to start with a large one and work your way down to a smaller one, so you can work out which one is best for you.

Caution: when you’ve finished your set of pullups, try not to pull both knees out at the same time, otherwise the band could hit you in the face.

Watch the pullups video to see:

  • Scapula pulls
  • Pullup technique

Stick around unti the end of the video to see some advanced pullups, such as high, clapping and muscle ups…something to work towards 🙂

These are the resistance loop bands I used in the pull up video tutorial.

Let me know when you’ve achieved your first pullup. It’ll be a great achievement to celebrate.

George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom

I was gifted Atticus Joggers — Tar Black by Gainz Fitness. All views and opinions are my own. For more information about my collaborations, please refer to my DISCLOSURE page on the ABOUT tab. I was not paid to write this post.

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2 Comments on Pullups for Beginners

  1. After watching many pull-up videos I came across this in Pinterest wow gave it a go straight away after a warm up as I have a blue band. Guess what I could do it!

    I have been trying for months to pull myself up without success. I will now persevere moving down the bands. Thank you for this great video and using somebody who’s a beginner too.

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for letting me know you had a go, and your great success.

      Just keep working your way down the bands. Try to keep around 5-8 reps (when you get to 8 reps, reduce the band). It’s then just a matter of time and persistence. Please do drop back in and let me know when you finally achieved an unassisted version.
      Thanks, George

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