Where I Get My Workout Motivation

World Power Show 2016 — Frank Medrano, Ronnie Coleman, James Alexander-Ellis, Anna Churakova

UKBFF English Grand Prix — Bikini Competition

When it comes to working out, we all need some fitness inspiration to push through those days when our enthusiasm is waning at the gym…and leaving early to watch Game of Thrones sounds much more appealing, than another minute on the treadmill. My workout motivation, or should I say, my guilty pleasure is going to a fitness expo.

I mentioned to some of my training clients that I was going to an expo this week—none of them had any idea that these types of events even existed.

If you’ve never been to one before, then they are a wonderful way to:

  • Meet fitness athletes
  • Attend seminars to increase your fitness knowledge
  • Watch engaging fitness demonstrations and competitions
  • Participate in exercise routines, supervised by experts
  • Look around the exhibition stands, where you can purchase or sample fitness gadgets and food — often at special prices

Whatever your fitness interests, there’s always something for everyone.

The first time you go, it can feel intimidating to be amongst so many fit individuals — walking around with near perfect bodies, in such a small area. Just queuing behind them to get in, can be terrifying—particularly as some of the men have backs so wide that they seem to eclipse the sun! You do get used to it after a while.

World Power Show 2016 — London

There was so much to see, and many of the events were showing at the same time. So, I only spent time visiting those that were the most inspirational for me. My apologies to the other exhibitors.

UKBFF English Grand Prix

UKBFF English Grand Prix2016  - Bikini LineupWith the competitions for different categories showing all day long, it would be easy to spend the whole time admiring the physiques of the male and female competitors, and never get to see the rest of the exhibition. The show included a range of categories, including women’s Bikini and Body-Fitness; and men’s Physique, Classic and Bodybuilding.

The women’s Bikini class and men’s Physique class, are typically the people you’ll end up seeing in the mainstream consumer fitness and health magazines. There was very little awareness of these competitions amongst the general population of my training clients.

Sophie Aris - 1st Place - UKBFF English Grand Prix 2016 - Bikini 160cm
Sophie Aris – 1st Place – UKBFF English Grand Prix 2016 – Bikini 160cm

I spent quite a while watching both the female Bikini competitors, and men’s Physique competitors, in-between going to various seminars, and the athlete meet and greets.

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James Alexander-Ellis and Anna Churakova

Anna Churakova and James Alexander-Ellis
James Alexander-Ellis and Anna Churakova

James and Anna did an informative and entertaining seminar, talking about their success journey, and advice on how to become a sponsored athlete—if you hadn’t guessed from their clothes, they’re sponsored by Sci-MX Nutrition. Their final piece of advice was “not to sell out”—make sure you promote products you really believe in.

For an exclusive interview with Anna on how to build amazing glutes, click here.


Frank Medrano - Q&A - World Power Show 2016
Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano, a Calisthenics guru, gave a Q&A seminar. Listening to Frank was one of the highlights for me, as I almost exclusively train my body with Calisthenics — it’s an advanced form of body-weight training, with many of its roots from the field of gymnastics. Frank motivates me to train harder.

His top two tips for that most iconic move the Human Flag, was to “make sure you lock out your bottom arm”, and prepare the groundwork with “lots of wide grip pull-ups.”

Frank Medrano and George D. Choy - Calisthenics

I found Frank very humble to talk to — despite everyone being in total awe of him and his abilities. 

If you’ve never seen what Frank can do, then I urge you to check out this “Frank Medrano – TRAIN INSANE” video. You won’t be disappointed.

Frank Medrano’s personal workouts:

He was very modest about his personal workouts, as he said it included a high amount of volume (which from his brief description, I think most people wouldn’t be able to complete a fraction of).

Frank starts each workout with the basics, such as regular push ups and pull ups, and then progresses to more and more difficult progressions until the end of the workout. He makes sure to spend time stretching at the end.

He’s suffered a number of injuries in the past — his most recent being a bicep injury. When he reflected on the cause of the trauma, he warned that lack of warm up was one of the biggest factors.

Other Highlights at the World Power Show


Meet and greet with huge Ronnie Coleman. He won the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest eight times — that’s one more than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The queue to meet Ronnie seemed to go round the block.

Ultimate Strongman

There were events for UK’s and England’s strongest man, including car lifting!

If you were really into Strongman, then you could have spent the whole day just watching. There was also the opportunity to meet Eddie Hall, one of the World’s Strongest Man competitors.

My Inspiration

Meeting athletes, and having the opportunity to ask them questions, helps to motivate me during my workouts, when I’m having a day where it’s hard to “find the will” to train. There are may fitness expos all over the world, so you’re bound to find one that meets your interests.

Music is also a great motivational tool during your workout — it’s been shown to dull pain, helping you to push through training barriers. Of course, it must be music that YOU like, in order for it to provide any benefit.

Most of my training clients listen to popular dance music when exercising, however I prefer rock music myself. My personal top 4 tracks for workout motivation are:

  • Bring Me To Life — Evanescence
  • Thunderstruck — AC/DC
  • Back in Black — AC/DC
  • We will Rock You — Queen

Click here for more information on the World Power Show.

I hope this article helps you increase your workout motivation. Until next time.

George D. Choy
Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor
Gymnacity in Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom

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