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Yonex, W-8422, Socks, Sport, Tennis, Racket, Badminton, Quality, Cushioned

Quality sports socks from Yonex, with a thick cushioned sole.

£9.49 for a 3 pack, Direct Sports 

My Experience With
Yonex W-8422 Socks

Yonex, W-8422, Socks, Sport, Tennis, Racket, Badminton, Quality, CushionedWhen I told one of my friends that I was putting together a Health & Fitness gift guide for Christmas, and I asked her what she’d like, she said “some good tennis socks”—she plays all year round, even in the winter.

I don’t play tennis myself, but I’ve also recently had the dilemma of which sports socks to buy, as I’m on my feet all day training clients.

I had some specialised running socks in the past, which were comfortable…but very expensive, and became hard and wore out. I then switched to some lower-cost sports from a global sportswear brand, but unfortunately those wore out even faster!

Quality Sports Socks

So I scoured the internet looking for good customer reviews, and finally bought the Yonex W-8422 Socks. They have great cushioning and don’t slip around—and for a reasonable price too.

I’ve worn them for 6 weeks now, with no signs of wear. I’m very pleased, and so is my wife (as she steals them when she works out).


There was one comment from another purchaser to buy a size smaller. I bought the “Small”, which is a comfortable and snug fit—I’m a UK size 8 (US size 8.5).

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I hope this Christmas Gift Guide has inspired you to buy something healthy for your loved ones this year. Happy shopping!

George x

Christmas 2016
— Health & Fitness Gift Guide


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